About Us

Color Design India was established in the year 1999 with an aim to bring forth attractive and vast collection of Lighting Products, Fountains, and others. Our comprehensive solutions depict our creative and technical expertise to serve the customers with stunning aqua solutions in numerous ways. Our Landscape Lights, Musical Fountains, and Swimming Pool Equipment together makes a perfect blend of beauty and quality, for which, we have received immense appreciation from the customers. Various technicalities are implemented such as Programmable Fiber Optics and others to create the majestic effects of lightening and flowing water. Our experience in the domain is not just the numbers but years compressed together in hardened form of expertise. And the outcome is successful project undertaken by us such as installation in World Trade Park, Jaipur, Al-Rawda Garden, Bahrain (UAE), Nehru Bal Udyan, Jaipur Development Authority, and others.

Our unsurpassed excellence in the fabrication till installation and maintenance of Fountains is credited I the accounts of our team members, who with their skills and professional approach deliver the best possible result in the domain. Also, latest technology is implied in the field of Advance Level Programmable and Musical Fountains to come up with eye-catching solutions. And when LED Lighting Systems are counted, we are just incomparable in the domain.

There are various factors that have contributed in the success saga that we are enjoying today. Some of those are:

Strong Grasp of Illumination and Aqua solutions
Our innovative concepts have earned us the most prestigious clients in the market. It is our strong grasp on the Illumination and Aqua solutions that enable us to come up with unique and innovative concepts to better serve the clients. This strong grasp is the result of our voluminous experience that we have achieved through studying the latest technicalities of equipment, installation techniques, manner of maintenance. For an example, we have developed a programme to attain 16.7 million colors without any alteration in hardware.

Our Business Specifics
Sound financial credibility is vital to achieve this level of success. We have a turnover of US$ 1-10 Million (or Rs. 4-40 Crore Approx.) that allow us to make investment in discovering new technologies to create better lighting effects and serve the customers in the best possible manner.

Our Infrastructure
Our robust infrastructure is one of the most essential and influencing factors that enable us to fabricate high quality Programmable Fountains and Landscape Lights using highly advanced technologies. Our manufacturing and assembly unit at New Delhi accommodates sophisticated machines such as automatic crystal fixing machines, automatic soldering machines, automatic light and color scanners, lathe machines and automatic double-track molding machine and others requisite in the development of premium grade Fountains, Musical Fountains, and Lightening Products.

Our Team
Infrastructure is managed by the most qualified professionals including engineers, sculptors, and others who have vast experience in analog and digital circuit design, network architectures, micro controller code, desktop, software, thermal management, mechanical integration, optics-to the systems and other allied operations. Herein, the entire infrastructure is segregated in 10 departments; right from fabrication till installation and commissioning. Each department has experts like site engineer, electrician, plumber and helpers in designing till installation.

Quality Assurance
Quality is the pervasive factor in all our business endeavors. Our in-house quality assurance and inspection departments viz IQC and OQC make sure that customer are served with superlative range of products as per the market standards. Moreover, we are equipped with new model automatic inspection equipment that assures stringent quality checks on the parameters of endurance and compatibility. As a result, our products meet the challenges of the market and serve the customers efficiently.

R & D Team
Our research and development team have in-depth knowledge of the market that suggests innovative designs and augmented illumination techniques in the form of Lighting Products and Musical Fountains. We have evolved the technology of LED Based Lights with the help of microprocessor and controller that can generate 16.7 million colors.

Social Responsibilities
Our business concerns also include environmental and social impact taking into the account; the manufacturing strategy in way that does not put stress on environment and surrounding. As leading manufacturer of Fountains & Lighting Products, we make sure that each of the product we offer is in the best interest of consumers and environment. Moreover, we have developed strong link between management and our social responsibilities by carrying out business in a responsible manner and successfully involve practices that is linked to social, environmental and economic areas.

We promote the spirit of sportsmanship by creating our professional football club under the name of Delhi United Football Club. It is one of the prominent clubs playing under the name of Gorkha Heroes football Club since 1995 and has won Delhi Premier League-2011. Also, we are an unbeatable team for DSA-Senior division league 2010. This is a society registered under Society Registration of 1860 under Registration No S-56535.

As for now, we are targeting I-League and welcome the support of the city fans.

We nurture a sound network that enables us to maintain a strong chain of procurement and delivery process. This network enables us to connect with the prominent names of the market and display our significant presence in the domestic and international market. Our network also helps us in associating with prominent clients of the market and sustains good business relation with them.